The Bethania Group Acquires 3 New Acquisitions to their Portfolio

The Bethania Group Acquires 3 New Acquisitions to their Portfolio

The Bethania Group is excited to announce three new acquisitions to our portfolio.  The new projects are in keeping with our stated mission, providing affordable housing for seniors.

The Bethania Group has purchased the ArlingtonHaus building located at 880 Arlington Ave. from Manitoba Housing & Renewal Corporation (MHRC), where we currently manage the building of 116 units that offer a variety of housing options, including independent living, assisted living and supportive housing.

As of April 1, 2019, we are also partnering with MHRC to manage two of their buildings.  The Bethania Group will assume management responsibilities for 107 units at 529 Country Club Blvd. and 205 units at Fred Tipping Place, 601 Osborne St.  MHRC staff will continue until May 1 to assist in the transition.  The agreements require that management continue to provide affordable housing, which meets the mission of the Bethania Group.

We will be recruiting various staff for 601 Osborne and 529 Country Club Blvd buildings to replace the MHRC staff who will be moving on to other assignments.  In addition, we will provide senior management oversight, financial and human resources administration, Building Operations direction and IT/IM services from within our existing organization.

The Bethania Group Board of Directors would like to thank all the staff involved in these projects for their hard work and would like to welcome all the new staff.

If you would like more information about these buildings, please contact the Bethania Group Head Office at 204-667-0795 where you will be directed to the Building Manager required.