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Pembina Place MPCH Needs

Resident Needs

At Pembina Place Mennonite Personal Care Home we strive to provide the highest quality of care to all of our residents.  We depend on the skills and compassionate caring of individuals in a variety of disciplines.  Staff are committed to excellence and strive to move from “caring for our residents” to “caring about our residents”.  Below are some resident care items that we require.

For more information please contact Doris Furtado, Director of Care at 204-654-5043


Recreation Needs

The Therapeutic Recreation Department develops an individual plan based on the resident’s background and



Resident Furniture Program

Resident Furniture Program

A major need at Bethania and Pembina Place Mennonite Personal Care Home’s is upgrading the Resident room furniture.  By purchasing new furnishing to upgrade the room furniture for your loved ones, you will also be making a “legacy gift”, which will be enjoyed by future residents for years to come.  The cost of the furniture pieces may seem a  bit higher than other retail prices however; this furniture meets the highest quality of required standards for fabrics and finishes that have antimicrobial protection, health care grade vinyl fabrics,



Bethania Mennonite Memorial Foundation

Bethania Mennonite Memorial Foundation
Your History, Your Legacy, Your Bethania

“Bethania, a Mennonite Organization, provides compassionate, outstanding long term care and affordable housing for seniors.”

The name “Bethania” is derived from the biblical description of a small village, “Bethania” or “Bethany”, in Israel where Jesus was said to have met the residents’ physical and spiritual needs. It was a reflection of that same Christian faith that brought Bethania into being in 1945.

Since that time, Bethania has expanded its role. The Bethania Group now provides care in two Personal Care Homes and