It's an honor for me to write a brief testimonial highlighting several years of Volunteer Service in Spiritual Care at Bethania PCH.

My journey began in 2013, when my dear husband with an incurable disease, became a resident at Bethania for I l months. Most days were spent visiting him due to his prognosis. When his departure time came, I was so grateful to be by his side - reading 23 rd Psalm & soft music playing. He was totally unresponsive but there was a tangible peace around him. He slipped away quietly with Heaven's presence in the room.

Months later, I felt to offer my time to volunteer in Spiritual Care at Bethania PCH. We had been active with inter-faith ministry, leading bible study/prayer groups and palliative/hospital visitations, after we retired from secular professional jobs.

Now, almost 6 years later, I have so many cherished stories. . .

One particular evening, I had been visiting several residents. It was getting late & I was preparing to go home. A nurse stopped me and asked if I would be willing to sit with a lady who was on end of life. My response was:: "Of course I will!" Almost 2 hours passed it was solemn, sacred and precious!

I had assured her how much God loved her & prayed quietly. I noticed when "Amazing Grace" was playing on my phone she became very peaceful. She left this earth with "Amazing Grace how sweet the sound..." softly saluting her departure.

Precious people whose story matters!

Thank you Bethania management for embracing Spiritual Care alongside Medical/Physical care for residents! Special thanks to the Director of Recreation & Volunteers, Director of Spiritual Care, and the Nursing Staff for cheering us on!!

God bless you all!

Doris (Wiebe) Schmeichel June 2022