COVID Update Bethania MPCH

Dear Residents and Families:

Starting late last week, a number of Residents tested positive for COVID-19. As of today, we must declare a formal COVID Outbreak on Center Station and North Station. The 300, 400 and 500 Wings are now in quarantine and affected Residents are on in room isolation. Given the risk of transmission all Residents on those Wings must also remain on the Wing, receiving meals and care in place, until at least Tuesday, November 14. We are attempting to increase the Health Care Aides on each of those Wings to ensure optimum quality care for both the affected and other Residents.

There is also a singular case on 200 Wing and although this situation does not require a quarantine, all Residents on that Wing will be monitored carefully.

Further, group programming for Recreation and Spiritual Care will be restricted to Residents from the non-isolated Wings. However, residents on 300, 400 and 500 Wings will be provided individual programming as much as possible.

We are not restricting visitors from visiting any of the Residents on 300, 400 and 500 Wings, however, all family and general visitors must wear a mask and those visiting affected Residents will be required to wear additional PPE such as gowns and gloves. As always, we ask visitors not to come to Bethania MPCH if feeling ill.

Outbreaks again reinforces the importance of staying up to date with vaccinations especially the new Moderna Spikevax booster vaccine. We strongly urge all Residents who are eligible to receive their updated vaccine as soon as possible to stay on cycle for the booster vaccination already under way. We also encourage all visitors to receive their booster shots to protect yourself, your family, your Resident and our staff.

Please keep our Residents and Staff in your thoughts and prayers.

Gary J. Ledoux
CEO, The Bethania Group

Doris Furtado RN, GNC (C)
Director of Care