About Us

Our Mission

Bethania, a Mennonite Organization, provides compassionate, outstanding long term care and affordable housing for seniors.

Our Vision

The Bethania Group is recognized for excellence in faith based personal care services and housing for seniors

Our Values

In order to fulfill the mission, the following values influence our attitudes and provide a shared language for actions and decision-making:

Respect for individual rights demonstrated by:

  • Recognition of the value of life
  • Acknowledgment and support of individual beliefs
  • Freedom of choice and a high regard for the right to privacy in relation to both personal thoughts and environment
  • Adherence to confidentiality.

Dignity and support of residents self worth through:

  • Attention to care with appropriate touch and tone
  • Acceptance of the choice to be alone
  • Courtesy, empathy and understanding

Integrity of staff demonstrated by:

  • Honesty in all relationships
  • Engagement in the team work process
  • Initiative and creativity
  • Commitment to continuous learning and improvement
  • Reflecting a positive attitude in interactions with and about others
  • Loyalty to the mission and vision.

Hope supported by:

  • Showing enthusiasm for life's journey
  • Discernment of divine gifts in each person
  • Assuring security in expression of personal beliefs
  • Acknowledging individuality and personal control.

Our Board

The Bethania Group operates under the direction of a Board of Directors comprised of 12 volunteer women and men who have a special interest in the needs of the elderly and who ensure that high standards of care are maintained.

  • Mr. Martin Enns
  • Mr. Jack Dyck
  • Ms. Joan Ernst Drosdoski
  • Mr. Rob Winter
  • Mr. John Wiebe
  • Mr. Lawrence Hamm
  • Mr. Lawrence Toet
  • Mr. Hardy Bock
  • Mr. Herb Schaan
  • Ms. Susan Schmidt
  • Ms. Lillian Koley

You can email the board at BethaniaGroupBoardChair@bethania.ca

Interested in becoming a board member? Please see the information below:

Our Leadership Team

  • Gary Ledoux, Chief Executive Officer
  • Christopher Tuk, Director of Finance
  • Delroy Clarke, Director of Food & Support Services
  • Dianne Nixdorf, Director of Recreation, Spiritual Care and Volunteer Services
  • Doris Furtado, Director of Care
  • Kim Newbold, Director of Human Resources
  • Sergio Cohen, Director of Building Operations
  • Ginette Fedorchuk, Senior Administrative Coordinator

Additional Information

Human Resources Dept.
The Bethania Group
1045 Concordia Ave
Winnipeg, MB. R2K 3S7

Email: human.resources@bethania.ca
Tel: 204-667-0795