PCH Bill of Rights

We believe that the observance of this Bill of Rights contributes to effective Resident care and to a better quality of life for Residents. The rights will be respected as long as the community spirit or collective well being of the Home is not jeopardized. When we recognize the Resident does not have the capacity to understand his or her rights, we will advocate on behalf of the Resident to ensure that his or her rights are met. We affirm the need for cooperation between Resident, family and staff to enhance the quality of life in the Home.

The Right to Respect and Dignity Every Resident has the right:

  • To be assured that all staff are aware of and honor our commitment to the Residents™ Bill of Rights.
  • To be treated with courtesy and respect that fully recognizes the Resident's dignity and individuality.
  • To be accepted as a person of value, with equal rights and privileges.
  • To have Resident and Staff interaction conducted in a manner which promotes a feeling of caring and belonging.
  • To have care provided without discrimination.

The Right to Care Every Resident has the right:

  • To direct and receive care consistent with his or her needs and wishes.
  • To live in a safe and clean environment.
  • To receive courteous and respectful care.
  • To receive assistance toward independence consistent with his/her requirements.
  • To have access to a protected and safe outside area in order to enjoy outdoor activities in keeping with safety requirements.
  • To die in peace with dignity and comfort in the presence of his or her family or friends.

The Right to Privacy Every Resident has the right:

  • To have the privacy of his/her personal health information protected as legislated by the Personal Health Information Act.
  • To have treatment and care provided with sensitivity and respect for privacy.
  • To receive visitors of his/her choice and to meet privately with any person without interference.
  • To be alone when desired.

The Right to Information and Freedom of Expression Every Resident has the right:

  • To be given the opportunity to participate in the Resident Council.
  • To display personal possessions, pictures, and furnishings in his/her own room in keeping with safety requirements.
  • To maintain or refuse family support.
  • To make choices i.e., in food selection, activity selection and style of living, including the right to express himself/herself in his/her own language, style of dress or religion within the parameters of safety.
  • To participate in and remain in contact, as able, with life outside of the facility.
  • To continue to exercise the right to vote as long as able.
  • To expect staff/visitors to identify themselves and the role they serve.
  • To express feelings, preferences, criticisms and grievances to staff without fear of reprisal or discrimination.
  • To be informed of all that concerns him/her in the facility and of the process for initiating a complaint.
  • To be fully informed of his/her medical condition and have the opportunity to participate in any proposed treatment.