Bethania Mennonite PCH was founded in 1945 by the Mennonite Benevolent Society. Its first location was about 5 miles north of the village of Middlechurch on the banks of the Red River. At that time it provided care for 62 people.

In 1948 it expanded to make room for 82 people. By the late 1960's, the rural location and condition of the old facilities necessitated a need to relocate the home to its present location on Concordia Avenue.

The new building opened in May 1970 located at 1045 Concordia Avenue and accommodated 100 Residents. In 1987 a Chapel was added and the home was expanded. Presently, Bethania accommodates 148 Residents.

Bethania Mennonite PCH is a one-story building located at 1045 Concordia Avenue in North Kildonan hosting a large amount of  green spaces with their many gardens, walkways, and seating areas. All are easily accessible for those who wish to take advantage of the outdoors.

Inside, Bethania Mennonite PCH has three nursing units. One small 10 room area called "Maple Ridge" is available for residents who are ambulatory and cognitively well with no disruptive behaviors. Nursing units have satellite-dining areas for those Residents who require assistance and/or supervision during meal times. Each wing has its own room for bathing. There is a large dining area for Residents who are able to independently enjoy their meals, which are cooked on-site.  There is an on-site laundry facility, a hairdressing shop, a store, a central kitchen, a Chapel and prayer room, and the park area where many of the facility's recreation programs are held. Residents and their families/friends may hold gatherings in either our TeaHaus or Oak Room. The TeaHaus is also open to drop-in visits for coffee or tea.

Bethania Mennonite PCH is attached via a connecting link to Concordia Hospital. Access to the link is generally limited to those Residents and/or families who have loved ones in the Concordia Hospital.

Outside, the patios and the park are beautiful and serene areas for quiet time and visiting. We have planters full of fresh vegetables, large shady trees, covered patios, walk paths, a large fountain, barbecue areas, formal gardens and even a creek leading to a natural grass area!

Advance Care Plan

An Advance Care Plan allows your caregivers to understand the direction you wish your health care to take and who should speak on your behalf (health care proxy or substitute decision maker) if you are unable to communicate.

Care Conferences

During your first few weeks , various individuals will meet with you to assess your needs specific to their department (i.e. recreation, occupational therapist, dietitian). After approximately eight weeks, the Resident Care Coordinator will arrange for a Post Admission Conference to which you and your family will be invited. This is an opportunity for staff and you/your family to review your care plan, answer any questions you may have, and address any outstanding concerns. Residents and/or their family members are encouraged to assess, plan, provide monitoring as well as assist in evaluating the Resident’s care. It is also an opportunity for us to learn more about you and your family. Subsequent care conferences are held on an annual basis. Post Admission Conferences and Annual Reviews are scheduled for 30 minutes.

If you and/or your family require additional time after admission to decide on a care level for the Advance Care Plan, the Resident Care Coordinator will ask that you have your decision made for the time of the Post Admission Conference.

CPR Philosophy

Bethania staff will not initiate CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation). If a resident indicated through a Health Care Directive or Advance Care Plan and they wish CPR, the nurse will call 911 for an ambulance and transfer to an acute care hospital.


Your application to be admitted into a Personal Care Home is reviewed by an assessment panel to decide on the most appropriate environment where your care needs can be met. If the assessment panel decides you are not eligible for a personal care home, you and your family may ask the Regional Health Authority to review the application again.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have lived in Manitoba for the previous five consecutive years are eligible for personal care home benefits. If you are a Canadian citizen and a new resident to Manitoba, there will be a period of 24 consecutive months before you are eligible for personal care home benefits.

Exceptions are made if:

  • You previously were a resident of Manitoba for 30 years, left Canada and then returned to Canada after an absence of less than 10 years and re-established yourself as a resident of Manitoba, or
  • You have been a resident of a province or territory of Canada for five consecutive years and immediately have established yourself as a resident of Manitoba.


Personal Belongings: In the interest of protecting Residents’ valuables, it is recommended that you do not bring any valuable items such as jewelry, ornaments, heirlooms, etc. with you to Bethania. Bethania does not have insurance coverage for Residents’ personal property and is not responsible for loss of valuables due to any cause (includes dentures, hearing aides and clothing). If you choose to bring valuables with you, personal insurance is strongly recommended.

Health Care: Personal health insurance coverage is strongly recommended. Many plans cover a portion or all of the costs associated with ambulance service, ambulation/seating/specialized equipment needs, massage therapy, podiatry/foot care, etc. Annual premiums are nominal compared to the actual costs for services.


People in Community

The application form for personal care home placement is initiated through your Home Care Case Coordinator. If you are not on Home Care contact the WRHA Home Care Intake Line at (204) 788-8330 for more information. You can also access WRHA Long Term Care on the internet for more information.

People in Hospital

If you become ill and are admitted to hospital, the hospital will inform the Home Care Program. The Home Care Coordinator will help you access appropriate housing and care options such as Bethania Mennonite Personal Care Home or Pembina Place Mennonite Personal Care Home. You will be assessed individually to find the best fit for you and the available care options.

Resident Fees

The Resident daily rent charges are set by Manitoba Health and Healthy Living. The residents daily rate charge is re-assessed every August 1st based on the previous years income. You must provide a copy of the Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada from the previous tax year. If the resident is transferred to us from another facility, the financial information will be transferred to us and the daily rate charged at that facility will remain in effect. If you move in mid-month, you will be charged for the remaining days of the month (including admission day), and on the first of each month thereafter. Resident charges are to be paid through automatic debit only. Please provide a void cheque on admission day. A Trust statement with proof attached goes out each month the Power of Attorney.

Resident (insured) charges cover the cost of your room, nursing and professional care, recreation programs, medical/surgical supplies, medications, incontinence products, and meals.

Non-insured miscellaneous charges are the responsibility of the Resident and will appear on the monthly Trust statement. Although not all of these items will be applicable to all Residents, these charges include but are not limited to the following:

Alterations to clothing

Sundries/brand-named products not supplied by the home

Spiritual Care Donations

Equipment rentals-wheelchairs/walkers/canes

Recreation outing expenses

Spending Money

The resident or Power of Attorney is responsible for arranging spending money (personal cash on hand). We recommend that residents should not keep any large amount of personal cash or valuables in their room. Bethania and/or Pembina Place will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of valuables or cash.

Trust Account

Trust Accounts at Bethania Group are required in order to meet the standards set by Manitoba Health. Participation is mandatory, therefore all Residents must enroll. The Trust Account system works on a debit plan instead of a credit plan, thus no advanced money is required. Items that will be charged to the Trust Account are all non-insured items as per Manitoba Health including but not limited to rent, hairdressing, foot care etc. No charge will be made to the account that is not a usual/standard fee or without authorization from the resident Power of Attorney.

The Benefits

  • All bills authorized by the resident / family will be processed in a timely manner.
  • There are no late fees.
  • Families do not need to come to Bethania to pay additional charges if the trust account has been authorized to process the bill.
  • All items will be listed in the month the charge occurred making it easy to keep track of the expenses.
  • At the end of the calendar year, a report will be provided that can be used to claim additional expenses for Revenue Canada.

There will be a $10 administration fee each month.

What to Bring


Your clothing will be laundered for you at Bethania however ironing services are not provided. We recommend washable, permanent press-type clothing. Five or six complete changes of clothing are necessary:

Dresses/shirts and pants


Sweaters (washable)

Shoes and slippers (non-slip soles and comfortable heel height)


Housecoat/dressing gown



Comb and brush

Hair rollers and pins

Creams and lotions

Shaver, aftershave

Toothpaste/denture cream

Nail clippers

Mobility Aide

If you own a cane, walker and/or wheelchair, please be sure to bring the item(s) along but remember to label it with your name. The serial number will be recorded for future reference.


Since the rooms are relatively small, it is important to consider safety and convenience when bringing in furniture. It is important that the space be sufficient for staff to meet your care needs and to provide appropriate housekeeping services. Personal items for the room must be approved by staff and must meet safety requirements. Should care needs change; some items may need to be removed.

When you will be Admitted

There may be a waiting period before you are admitted to the personal care home of your choice. During this time, home care services may be provided to you as necessary. The length of time depends on the length of the waiting list, availability of rooms and other factors. The wait can be a short as a day or two to as long as several months. If you require admission immediately, or are in hospital awaiting placement, you may be asked to accept placement in a different care facility until you can be admitted to the personal care home of your choice.