Bethania Mennonite PCH

Bethania Mennonite PCH was founded in 1945 by the Mennonite Benevolent Society. Its first location was about 5 miles north of the village of Middlechurch on the banks of the Red River. At that time it provided care for 62 people.

In 1948 it expanded to make room for 82 people. By the late 1960's, the rural location and condition of the old facilities necessitated a need to relocate the home to its present location on Concordia Avenue.

The new building opened in May 1970 located at 1045 Concordia Avenue and accommodated 100 Residents. In 1987 a Chapel was added and the home was expanded. Presently, Bethania accommodates 148 Residents.

Bethania Mennonite PCH is a one-story building located at 1045 Concordia Avenue in North Kildonan hosting a large amount of  green spaces with their many gardens, walkways, and seating areas. All are easily accessible for those who wish to take advantage of the outdoors.

Inside, Bethania Mennonite PCH has three nursing units. One small 10 room area called "Maple Ridge" is available for residents who are ambulatory and cognitively well with no disruptive behaviors. Nursing units have satellite-dining areas for those Residents who require assistance and/or supervision during meal times. Each wing has its own room for bathing. There is a large dining area for Residents who are able to independently enjoy their meals, which are cooked on-site.  There is an on-site laundry facility, a hairdressing shop, a store, a central kitchen, a Chapel and prayer room, and the park area where many of the facility's recreation programs are held. Residents and their families/friends may hold gatherings in either our TeaHaus or Oak Room. The TeaHaus is also open to drop-in visits for coffee or tea.

Bethania Mennonite PCH is attached via a connecting link to Concordia Hospital. Access to the link is generally limited to those Residents and/or families who have loved ones in the Concordia Hospital.

Outside, the patios and the park are beautiful and serene areas for quiet time and visiting. We have planters full of fresh vegetables, large shady trees, covered patios, walk paths, a large fountain, barbecue areas, formal gardens and even a creek leading to a natural grass area!