Pembina Place MPCH Influenza A Update- January 10, 2024

January 10, 2024


Dear Residents and Families:
As of today, in addition to the two Residents who have tested Influenza A positive on 3 East at Pembina Place MPCH, another 3 suspected cases on that Wing were tested and were negative. Two Residents have come off isolation as symptoms have resolved but the other 3 Residents remain on droplet/contact precautions including room isolation.

All Residents on 3 East have had Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) antiviral treatment (with consent) to lessen their symptoms or prevent them from becoming ill. We are monitoring all Residents carefully for any symptoms of Influenza and will offer antiviral dosing treatment doses for Residents who become ill in consultation with the physician.

Visitation can continue even for those Residents who have tested positive or are on isolation however visits must occur in resident’s rooms only until the outbreak is over. All visitors must sanitize their hands before and after visiting. Please only visit one resident if you do choose to visit, and do not come for a visit if feeling ill. We also strongly encourage mask usage while visiting Residents. If you have any questions about your Resident, please contact the Nursing Stations.

Please keep our Residents and Staff in your thoughts and prayers.

Gary J. Ledoux
CEO, The Bethania Group

Doris Furtado RN, GNC (C)
Director of Care

Monique Liarakos, Resident
Care Manager, PPMPCH