Doris McCormick

I was asked by Pembina Personal Care Home to give a small testimonial with my thoughts about the PCH. My name is Elizabeth Dale Davidson. My Mom, Doris McCormick is a resident who moved in last August. It was to be a tempory home until our first choice came up. We are so pleased with the home so decided not to move her. My Mom suffers from Dementia, and I could not ask for a better place for her care.

She settled into her new environment within the first couple of weeks and now treats Pembina Place as her home. Mom has made friends and enjoys her daily routines. The nursing staff, aides and recreational staff are the best.

Mom participates in all the events that are offered. She has enjoyed painting classes, colouring, bingo and cards. She especially likes movie night on Tuesdays. They offer group dinners like Pizza Night. It is a hard thing for me when I want to know how she has done on an event, but her memory does not allow her to fill me in. The staff is always excellent at keeping me informed. Mom has musical therapy on Fridays and Ernie always lets me know how well she sings out and her voice is heard by all.

Mom always enjoys her time out in the back patio and watching for birds. It has been hard with Covid, and the staff face a lot of issues. It is wonderful that we can visit her in her room. Her room is spacious and her collection of family photos and of course her stuffies makes it her own.

I feel very comforted by the fact that Mom is happy and has settled in. I try to visit two or three times a week but when I cannot make it, I have a good peace of mind that all is well.

I would highly recommend this home to anyone looking for a place for their loved ones.

Written by Dale her daughter.