Identification labels will be adhered to all clothing (including articles such as plush toys, shoes, and blankets), linens, towels, etc. to reduce loss.

Bed linens, bedspreads, pillows, blankets, drapes, towels and face cloths are supplied. Residents are permitted to bring their own.

Commercial-type laundering is done on site on a daily basis. Family members may choose to launder their relative’s clothing themselves. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee against some items inadvertently ending up in our wash.

The Bethania Group is not responsible for lost or damaged to personal items.

It is recommended that clothing materials be washable and permanent press. “Dry cleanable only” clothing will be marked accordingly and sent out of the facility for this service. The cost is the responsibility of the Resident. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we cannot ensure dry-cleanable articles will not inadvertently go to our regular laundry system.

Residents are required to have an adequate wardrobe, in good repair, to allow for frequent changes and laundry return. You/your family members may wish to speak with staff regarding any identified clothing needs.

Residents who suffer from joint rigidity, are confined to a wheelchair or are frequently incontinent may be candidates for open-back (also known as “split back”) clothing. This type of clothing allows for maximum comfort and ease of dressing. Open-back clothing can be purchased at several clothing stores and are G.S.T. exempted. Please ask the unit nurse to arrange for your physician to complete a prescription for this tax exemption. Bethania Group also has volunteers who are able to modify standard clothing at a cost to the Resident.

Mail Service

Letters may be mailed from the Business Office Monday through Friday. Postage may be purchased from the Receptionists. Letters, cards, magazines are channeled through the nursing station. Nursing staff will ensure that Residents receive their mail.


You or a family member can arrange individual subscriptions. Payment is made directly with the newspapers’ business office.


Bethania Mennonite Personal Care Home

Visitor parking entrance is off Concordia Avenue with over-flow parking during special events may be available at the rear of the facility and is accessible off Kimberly Avenue. Please register your vehicle at the Business Office.

Pembina Place Mennonite Personal Care Home

There is no parking available in the parking lot of Pembina Place Mennonite Personal Care Home. There is only 15 minute parking available for picking up or dropping off a Resident. Two hour parking is available on Pembina Highway and the surrounding streets.


The Bethania Group offers MTS Telephone in all Resident rooms.

The benefits to the Residents include:

No installation fees or move fees for Telephone

Security features on the phone – no telemarketers/fraudsters

Free voicemail

Simplified billing

Cost less than basic telephone with MTS

On site repairs - no waiting for MTS

Payable through the Trust Account


The Bethania Group offers Shaw Cable in all Resident rooms.

The benefits to the Residents include:

No installation fees or move fees for cable

Classic Digital Cable over 60 channels

Simplified billing

Cost less than basic cable package

On site repairs, no waiting for Shaw

Specialty channels available for a fee

Payable through the Trust Account