Rehabilitation Services – Occupational and Physiotherapy

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Bethania Group has an Occupational Therapist on staff. Who will meet with the Resident after admission to assess functional abilities and make recommendations for any aids or equipment, including wheelchairs and walkers. Appropriate treatment will be outlined and modified as needs change.

In order to ensure appropriate selection of equipment, the Occupational Therapist must be consulted prior to purchase. The Occupational Therapist will assist with selection and purchasing of equipment to ensure appropriate sizing and comfort. The designated responsible party will be contacted regarding assessed needs and consulted for approval of purchases.

Community Therapy Services (CTS)

Community Therapy Services of Manitoba provides a Physiotherapy consultative service to Residents upon referral. A CTS Physiotherapist visits the Resident to assess and make treatment recommendations. This consultation is at no charge to the Resident. Private Physiotherapy treatments can be arranged in discussion with the Occupational Therapist. The cost is the responsibility of the Resident; however, extended health care plans may cover all or part of the cost.